House Rules

For safety reasons, guests are refused entry if they are in possession of prohibited items. Illegal items will be confiscated and turned over to the police. If a guest is found inside the venue with a prohibited item, the item will be confiscated and the guest may be ejected from the facility.

– Be respectful of guests, staff, and our beautiful amphitheater.
– Re-entry is not permitted.
– For your safety and the safety of others, guests and their possessions are subject to inspection upon entrance.
– Drink responsibly. Intoxicated patrons may be denied entry to the venue.
– Enjoy the show! Don't forget to tag us on social media =]

Prohibited Items

The following items are not welcome inside of the venue. Please leave these items at home.

  • Lawn chairs or any folding chairs
  • Containers, bottles, cans, liquid containers and coolers
  • Food
  • Backpacks, large purses, and bags (larger than a lunchbox)
  • Umbrellas, strollers (strollers must be checked in at Guest Services)
  • Weapons and fireworks
  • Poles/Sticks of any kind
  • Objects that obstruct another guest’s view
  • Horns, whistles, noisemakers
  • Animals (except service animals for guests with disabilities)
  • Professional cameras, audio and video recording devices (camera policy subject to change based on event/artist)
  • Anything that creates a nuisance or disruption
  • Audio/Video recording devices
  • Illegal substances of any kind
  • Laser pointers
  • Mace/Pepper spray or any other aerosol spray, including bug spray
  • Musical instruments
  • Sharp or dangerous items of any kind
  • Stickers or decals
  • Selfie sticks
  • iPads/Tablets
  • GoPro Cameras
  • Drones
Bag Policy

To reduce staff contact with guest belongings, The Sound Amphitheater has implemented the following bag policy: they will allow clear plastic, vinyl or PVC tote bags no larger than 12” x 6” x 12” and/or small clutch bags (6″x6″x6″).

Firearms Policy

The Sound does not allow firearms or weapons of any description on the property. This includes the venue and parking lots.

Lawn Chair Policy

Lawn chairs are prohibited. Blankets are allowed: Feel free to bring blankets to sit on the grassy areas of our amphitheater. Blankets provide a cozy seating option while ensuring unobstructed views for all attendees.